Who are we?

Who are the Reckoners?

The Reckoners are a group of like minded individuals who make up a gaming clan. These members are connected through friendship and a common bond of video games which single player and multiplayer on the XBox, Playstation 3, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 consoles. Members come from all over the globe who hold themselves up to higher standards.

We are an awesome, elite multiplayer gaming clan made up of members from all over the planet on PSN and XBox. We’re also a bunch of nut jobs! The clan is well established (several years old) and extremely active. Consisting of mature gamers, we are a tightly knit brotherhood that strives to become better players and support each other. We believe there is always room to improve our skills. We challenge ourselves and help each other to become more proficient gamers. We believe clans are there to help gamers become better players, not a place for people to show off. Recruiting the best of the best is NOT our top priority.

What is a Reckoner?

Everyone has heard of a “reckoning day” but it’s actually hard to define the word “Reckoner.” The word has many Apocalyptic meanings. A Reckoner is a harbinger. They weigh a person’s actions and test their skill.

It’s summed up best by Ps3 member Wratts: “When the final curtain falls, a Reckoner is standing there with the smoking gun, the bloodied blade, or simply as a ghostly apparition that was there to watch you draw in your last breath and whisk your spirit away to another realm. Reckoners are the hand of death, the aftermath. It’s nothing personal, there’s not necessarily revenge involved; everything and everyone must die in the end and they’re just there to do the job. Not just dealing in death, they may just show up your doorstep to leave you a reminder if you’re out of line, to put you in your place. ‘Memento mori’, the Reckoner might tell you… REMEMBER, YOU WILL DIE. To remind you of your deeds, and how you should make amends as soon as possible, as it could always be just before it’s too late.”

“Reckoning” usually refers to the mathematical process of computing or accounting the sum of everything. In a more spiritual sense, it means “judgement.”

The main founder that named the Reckoners also had a song by Radiohead in mind in which he enjoyed the concept behind the meaning of the lyrics. It was genuinely one of his favorite songs that happened to fit ever so nicely into a clan context.