The drought is coming, prepare yourselves!

It seems every year in gaming, around this time we get a huge drought that lasts until the holiday season. And it’s pretty consistent. usually in the months of April until September we get nothing. Then October through March we get a ton of games, way more then any one person would buy. I get the reasoning behind it. I really do, with holidays people have more money to spend, gift cards, gifts, its the premium buying time of the year. But then all the games compete with each other, meanwhile we get months of nothing. The only 2 big name games i see coming out this year during the April through September period is the witcher and batman, and both of them were delayed into it. If they didn’t get delayed they wouldn’t be in this period.

I think game devs should start using this dry spell time to release new IPs. during the holidays the heavy hitters will come. AC, CoD, BF and any number of annualized games. Also most companies big releases come here too. this year alone besides the normal CoD, AC and such, we will see tomb raider, Forza, Fable, and Halo 5 and i’m sure a whole bunch of others will be announced at E3. Even Quantum break got pushed back but still in march.

I think new IPs should get launched in the may-june area. It would allow maximum exposure and have them not competing with tons of other games. Some games could really benefit from it. We should encourage devs to start loading up these dry spell months instead of clogging up the market in a 6 month span and leaving the other 6 months for backlogs and smaller games.

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