Reason why I’m starting to loathe gamers

It’s been a while since I made a post, a combination of not much going on in gaming and being busy. But this is a topic i felt was worth making a post about. No this isn’t about the stupid ramblings on forums of immature people arguing about their opinions. No this isn’t about youtube hate comments. This is about gamers who would rather watch others then actually play the games themselves. This is about their lack of understanding and hating of new things.

Right now, I’d say my biggest gripe is how gamers seem to write off any new technology in gaming and how all of a sudden a bunch of people are experts on technology and know more then the people getting paid big bucks to develop it. When i was younger, innovation was awesome. It was exciting, and it still is to me. But now everyone writes it off as a gimmick. I remember playing the NES and having the gun for duck hunt and hogans alley. it was awesome. and the power pad for the Olympic games, running in place was never so fun. It kept us active as kids and we had a great time. Then the SNES came out, and i had a super scope which was also awesome and huge lol. and the mouse with the pad for the mario paint game. that was fun as hell to play around with. I remember the fly swatting portion of it. I played the hell out of it.

All of those would be written off as “gimmicks” the second they were announced today, maybe it’s partially due to the internet and it being so easy for people to express their opinions, but they were great devices to me. 3d is a “gimmick” and has been called that since avatar came out, but look lots of movies are being shot in 3d still, i have 2 3d TVs and 3 devices that play 3d movies, I love watching them at home (and in theaters) and I’d love to see more games that support 3d. even last gen AC3 and batman arkham city supported it and they were fun to play in 3d for me personally. I understand that technology cost money and some people may hate it because they don’t want to spend the money, but there are a lot of people that enjoy these things and the instant negative reaction is counter productive.

Lets look at more history, at one point thumbsticks on controllers could have been called a gimmick, not many games supported it, but now it’s the standard for controlling your character and camera. nobody uses the dpad for movement anymore except maybe fighting games. At one point, rumble could have been considered a gimmick, now it’s become a standard. I remember at the PS3 launch when sony said rumble was a “last gen” thing because they weren’t allowed to use it due to legal reasons, but low and behold they got it cleared up and rumble still exists in all platforms. now the X1 controller took it a step further putting rumble on the triggers, and I don’t know how i lived without it before. Shooting and racing games have never been better. I remember playing titanfall once and i didn’t feel the rumble in the trigger and I thought my gun wasn’t firing but then i seen I was getting kills and was like crap my battery must be dying lol. I became that dependent on it, on the feeling of my gun firing. and it’s made games better for me. Remember when we used memory cards for saves? The original xbox had a built in hard drive, it would be called a useless gimmick right now, but having a built in hard drive is the new standard, nobody uses memory cards anymore.

At one time online gaming was a gimmick. i remember the launch of the original xbox and it required a broadband connection, it instantly got flack due to the low available of broadband. meanwhile the PS2 and dreamcast offered dial up modems. Now it’s become the standard. Even online play could have been called a gimmick, now we see online play more relevant then ever. We don’t see this in other industries that much. I never seen HD Tvs called a gimmick, I never seen cell phones or pagers called gimmicks, I never seen MP3 players called gimmicks. So why are gamers so afraid of change? why are they all of a sudden afraid of having new technology? Why do people only want the same games over and over but with prettier graphics?

Now we are at a time where technology is being pushed even more in gaming. Sony, Samsung, Facebook, and others are coming out with VR devices, MS is coming out with an AR device, Sony is pushing game streaming, MS is pushing process offloading to the cloud, these are good things! Sure some might fail but some might also prosper and enter us into a new standard of gaming for the better. But us as gamers need to embrace change and innovation and give it a fair chance, not instantly shoot it down as a gimmick. We owe it to ourselves to the hobby we all love, to give new things a chance. The kinect has been called a gimmick for over 5 years now, personally I love mine. it’s fun to play dance games without holding a controller or having a pad on the ground, I loved playing the wii using motion controls and now I can do it without the fear of damaging my tv lol. So the reason I’m starting to loathe gamers is their lack of openness to innovation, their fear of change, their hate of a challenge. Their harsh refusal to try new things. When i was a kid we imagined things, we had dreams and wants, now all gamers want is the same stuff over and over without changes, just make it prettier. and that is what will ruin gaming

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