Season passes. Yay or Nay?

Recently the discussion has come up amongst us about season passes and whether they are worth it. So i decided I’d go back and do some research on the one’s i purchased and if it was worth the money, then go into discussing how i feel on them. I’ve purchased lots of season passes in the past few years so lets take a look starting with the newer ones and working my way back

Sunset overdrive cost 20 money saved 5 dollars, worth it? Yes

this one was worth it to me. It’s only 5 dollar saved but both DLCs came out within 6 months and i was still playing the game, I beat both DLCs on their release dates and looked forward to them and both were really good.

Destiny Cost 30.00 Saved 5.00 Worth it? No

I stopped playing it way before the 1st one came out, I got the season pass later like around jan 2015 to try and get back into it and do the new raid. Did it a few times but didn’t really enjoy the content and lack of it too. Haven’t even touched the new DLC that just came out last week either. Also I was expecting a new raid at least when i purchased it, but the raid was cut from the DLC. both DLCs came out in 8 months from release

Titanfall Cost 25 dollars Saved 5 dollars Worth it? Yes

All the DLCs came out within 5 months of release. got exactly what was promised and all the new maps were good. would have still purchased them separately.

Dying Light Cost 20 dollars, Saved 5.00 Worth it? No

Loved the game personally, but its been 4 months since release and the DLC isn’t even out yet. I stopped playing a while ago, I don’t think I’ll come back to it for the DLC personally.

Ryse Cost 20.00 saved 5.00. Worth it? Yes

I was still playing it a lot when teh DLC launched. All the DLC was out within 6 months, it added a lot of MP content and a new tier of gear and survival mode which was really the best part of the MP.

Watch Dogs cost 20.00 saved 5.00  Worth it? No

the DLC came out about 3 months after launch. was only 1 DLC and some misc useless crap. Game itself was good btu i never touched the DLC still to this day, wouldn’t have purchased it

CoD BO2 Cost 50.00 saved 10.00 worth it? No

didn’t play it enough for all the new maps. really is a rip off of a season pass unless you play it hardcore all the time. I was playing it pretty heavily when i purchased it, but stopped way before all the DLC dropped. Only played 3 of the map packs

Defiance cost 50.00 saved 10.00 worth it? No

was promised 5 2Gb dlcs in the 1st year. they had so many issues the 1st one didn’t come out until like 5 months later. and it was short and added nothing to the game. I was all but done with the game by the time it released

Borderlands 2 cost 30 saved 10 worth it? Yes

one of the best season passes i’ve come across, while i stopped playing, i came back for every DLC and beat them all. DLCs were large and full of good content.


So thats all the season passes i’ve purchased in the past 2 years. Now lets break down the numbers. I spent a total of 255 dollars on additional content. that’s enough for 4 brand new games at full price, the “saved” money was 60 so in total if i liked and played it all, i would have saved 60 dollars because buying separately would have been 305 dollars. Now here is the kicker, what if season passes didn’t exist and i purchased DLC if i still wanted it when it came out? I would have spent

SO -25

Destiny 20

titanfall 30

dying light 0

ryse 25

watch dogs 0

COD BO2 15

Defiance 0

BL2 40

a total of 165 dollars, So if i didn’t buy season passes and only purchased what i was gonna play when it released, I would have spent almost 100 dollars less by not paying up front chasing a discount. In short, while i saved 60 dollars off the content i got, I would have spent 100 less then what i spent just buying the content i used.

So what do all these numbers mean? well it means that it’s a mixed bag of bad and good and also a mixture of your personal preference. buying something now that you might not want to play 3 months from now when it releases is bad, yeah sometimes it works out, but on an overall basis, it doesn’t. not to mention content can change like we seen defiance and destiny not deliver on what was expected, sometimes it gets delayed, and sometimes you just don’t feel like going back to a game.  So my advice (and yes i need to take it myself) is stay away from season passes and just buy it full price when it releases if you still want it, or you could be paying for something you will never use. Not to mention that if you do feel like going back, there is a good chance the DLC and pass will be on sale cheaper then if you purchased it upfront. Think of it like blackjack. the odds are in the house’s favor, sure you can go occasionally and win, but if you play all the time, the numbers show overall you will lose. Buying a season pass is like gambling, If it all works out and you still enjoy the game and the DLC when it’s out, you will win a little (usually like 5 bucks) but if not, you could wind up wasting 20-50 bucks instead. The good doesn’t really outweigh the bad if you keep gambling on it, overall you will lose.



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