2015 E3 review (Bethesda, MS, EA,Ubi, Sony)

So the bulk of E3 has come and gone and now is a time for gamers to be excited about what was shown. There is still square enix and nintendo going today which I’ll review later but after watching clips and taking notes and all the big companies (IMO) being done, i felt it was time for a review. Disclaimer this is just my opinion, yours may differ that’s why it’s called an opinion ;)


they had the honor of going 1st in their 1st E3 conference and man did they set the bar high.

Fallout 4 – This games looks amazing. it’s more fallout and it looks like they are staying true to the series but this time with deeper crafting and more customization. Companions return and a new character builder the game opened up before the nukes in boston filled with the charm and humor of past fallouts. They announced a collectors edition that comes with a wearable pip boy that houses your smart phone and a 2nd screen app that makes your phone into a pip boy and works with the game. Also they announced a mobile vault builder game as well. I’m very excited for this. fallout has always been a 100+ hour type of game for me. and it’s coming this year in November. Day 1 purchase for me

Doom – Rebooting a 20+ year old franchise is never easy, the last doom we seen was 11 years ago and was a very sub par game, this one however seems to get it right. a game with demons in hell where your objective is to destroy and kill everything, filled with the gore and dark tones that made the series popular from chainsaws slicing enemies to ripping off arms and brutal explosions of bodies, it looks like everything we loved about doom. Also shown was the online MP which is done in a battle arena style similar to unreal tournament. looks very fun and fast paced. not quite a day 1 for me yet, but looked very impressive. They also shows a MP player editor similar to halo forge where players can make game modes and share them with others.

Battlecry – online stylish MP game, wasn’t very impressed with it, didn’t look like anything too great.

Dishonored 2 – the 1st one was very loved by people, i personally didn’t play it but it was a game that allowed choice, you can stealth it or you can kill everything. The trailer for it looked good and i’m more of a fan of kill everything style gameplay so it did gain my interest

Rating A

+ fallout 4

+ doom

– Battle cry

– Mobile game (fallout shelter)

Anything missing? nope, they showed fallout and doom and that’s what people wanted to see



Microsoft was 1st on up monday, and had the bar set pretty high from bethesda, but they responded showing off games form all their heavy hitters. The whole 90 minutes was pretty much spent all on games, so much so they had to leave a few big ones out for gamescon (scalebound, crackdown, quantum break) but we all knew that ahead of time. They started off with a montage  of big games that was fun to watch wasting no time then jumped into their big games

Halo 5 – I was just blown away by this, it’s halo and more halo is never a bad thing in my book. They showed off some campaign and spartan locke the new character introduced into the halo universe recently. Still a lot is up in the air with the story but this demo sent chills up my spine. why is locke hunting the cheif? where is the chief? how did blue team find him? who’s the enemy? so many questions i cna’t wait to be answered. with more mobility and faster combat the game played out amazing. Of course vehicles, mechs, and aircrafts have returned to this epic large scale battleground making you feel like you are in a war. They added in a squad that you can command and control as well and drop in drop out co-op. A new Mp mode was shown as well where not only is it 12 v 12 with vehicles on large maps, but also AI enemies making it really feel like a war (similar to titanfall) but the good old modes will still be there as well. Day 1 purchase for me release date october 2015

Recore – a new IP from 1st party armature studios which is headed by megaman producer and filled with metriod devs. we didn’t see any gameplay but it looks interesting. not a must have for me, but i do want to see more of it. It takes place in a desert with a female lead and a robot dog companion. all robots have some sort of glowing orb and when the dog dies, she puts the orb in a new robot. I have no clue what kind of game it could be but looks interesting. release date early 2016

Backwards compatibility – not a game obviously, but MS announced that the XB1 will be backwards compatible with the 360. right now a short list of games but they said there will be 100 games by the end of the year. Not sure how they pulled it off, but it’s a cool feature for sure. I know a lot of gamers always want BC and it was really unexpected. probably the most shocking announcement of E3 as nobody seen it coming.

Elite controller – not a game again, but they are launching a new controller similar to the scuf brand of controllers with interchangeable parts and paddles priced at 150 dollars puts it right in line with scuf and looks pretty impressive. I wanna try one of these out soon. Is launching holiday 2015

Fallout 4 – we alreayd knew this was coming because of bethesda’s conference a day before. again amazing looking game so not much more to say on that. But they did announce it would come with fallout 3 for free only on XB1 (probably because backwards comp.) as well as allow for PC mods to be used on the XB1 version. Thats pretty big IMO. a free 100+ hour game (and the best fallout currently to date) and mods (which is the big reason why games like this are better on PC IMO)

PVZ GW2 – i think this was an expected sequel, fun game but nothing to go crazy about. looks fun and crazy like the original.

EA access – They announced a free week for people to try it (really worth it) and are adding titanfall and Dragon age to the vault of free games. Big announcement for me. not because titanfall, I own that but i’ve been waiting for free dragon age so can’t wait to give that a go.

Forza 6 – cool presentation, probably a little overboard dropping in a ford GT from the ceiling lol, but game looks awesome. I loved 5 but I doubt I’ll buy 6. I’m not a huge racing fan and this holiday is packed with too many games.

Dark souls 3 – cool looking trailer, but I’m not a fan, low point of the conference for me. I don’t like souls games personally.

The division – was announced a year ago, still looks amazing but not much new stuff shown. amazing looking MMO style game and i can’t wait for more. announced early 2016 release and an open beta on XB1 in December. can’t wait for that

Rainbow 6 siege – announced vegas and vegas 2 will be free on XB1 only with the purchase (because of BC) cool live demo shown, but the game looks a little slow for my taste, probably won’t buy it.

Indie montage – Gigantic, ashen, beyond eyes, cup head, ion and a few others. I’m glad they didn’t spend a lot of time on this. I really am starting to hate the whole indie craze. It’s clearly not geared towards my age group and personal tastes

Early access for XB1 – they announced early access for XB1 with free trials called game preview. includes hit PC games like dayz, elite dangerous, and long dark. Long dark and elite were available the same day. I downloaded both didn’t like elite at all, didn’t try long dark yet. cool feature to add though.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Lara looks amazing, the game looks crazy and amazing. surviving in the frozen tundra animal attacks, and crazy people. As long as they keep the combat on par with the 2013 reboot and don’t try to dumb it down and make it too stealthy it’s a day 1 for me. it looked amazing

Rare collection – a colection of 30 classic rare games for 30 bucks. includes some favorties like perfect dark and battle toads. sadly no goldeneye 64 or donkey kong 64. as they don’t own the rights. still a pretty cool retro collection for 1 dollar a game. not a must buy for me though. I prefer new and bigger games.

Sea of Theives – a new cutey MMO from rare. looks like a pirate MMO done in a cartoonish style. looks cute and fun. nice to see rare make a new IP, will have to see more gameplay before i can judge it though

Fable legends – announced for late this year. F2P 4v1 D&D style game in the fable universe. cross play with windows 10 and XB1. I’m excited for this game as well, day 1 download for me. but it’s gonna be hard to really play alot with so many huge games coming out late this year

VR/AR – small announcement that MS has teamed up with valve VR and the oculus. Cool idea since MS wasn’t working on VR. Allows them to fucus on hololens and still provide a VR device to those who want it on XB1

Minecraft hololens demo – I really hate minecraft lol, but that wasn’t the point. Hololens is an impressive looking device. the price point is what will matter. I think VR/AR price point for me is less then 300 dollars.

Gears of war ultimate – Remade Gears 1 with updates multiplayer, as much as i love the series, I’m so tired of remakes. will not buy

Gears 4 – trailer shown for gears of war 4. looked amazing. it’s gears, it’s dark and gritty with crazy weapons and creepy enemies. shows new characters off. Can’t wait for extended gameplay. Day 1 for me because it’s gears.

Rating A+

+jam packed conference with games. 7 1st party AAA titles shown

+ halo 5

+ Gears 4

+ Tomb Raider

+ Rare

+ Fable Legends

+ new controller

+ Backwards compatability

– Indie montage

– Gears Remastered

Anything Missing? 3 big exclusive titles (scalebound, crackdown, quantum break) but we knew that prior to the show. they will be at games con. No update on phantom dust either.



ubisoft had a tough task. Both Microsoft and Bethesda had great conferences and the bar was really high. Surprisingly, ubi put on a great and kept the momentum going.

South Park The fractured but whole – i mean wow, i was legit cracking up. didn’t expect a sequel to SoT and not this soon, but it’s happening. Game looks hilarious again and they brought matt and trey on stage. great moment and day 1 buy for me.

For Honor – new IP announced that looks like a midevil times version of ryse, but with 4v4 PvP. The guy announcing it was great too and the game looked like a fun hack and slash. nice surprise from ubi and game looks great. want to see more

Racing stuff – The crew DLC/ trials. nothing for me here personally, wasn’t impressed with what i saw either

The division – already went over it above. Great looking game and day 1 for me

Anno 2205 – futuristic simms like building game. not really my thing

Just dance 2016  -i like dancing games but JD isn’t my preferred. i like DCC better personally. both are good. if you don’t have a camera they announced you can use your cell phone instead of needing to buy extra controllers and such. which is pretty cool, but also goes to show how inaccurate the game is since it only tracks 1 thing compared to DCC which tracks most of your joints to make sure you are doing it right and now just waving your hand lol. Jason derulo performed for it and even though i like his music, it was a terrible performance and his falsetto singing was just bad lol

Rainbow 6 siege – I spoke about this above already. they announced the beta in September and release date in October. cool looking game but a little slow for me. and the release date is in the midst of so many other games i want I’ll be skipping this. still it was a good demo

Trackmania Turbo – um weird indie type racing game. meh

AC syndicate – cool demo, but it’s more AC and I’m over the series. PvP is gone, co-op is in and more of the same

Ghost recon – working on the tom clancy name a little more, and open world co-op shooter. Cool trailer but another slow paced tactical shooter similar to rainbow 6 siege, nothing impressive out of it either.

Rating B

+ strong start

+ south park

+ For honor

+ The Division

– Just dance

– Anno

– Weak finish

Anything Missing? nope, we got what was expected with R6, AC, and the divison plus some surprises in for honor and ghost recon.


Next up was EA, everyone did a good job up until this point. could EA keep it up? Apparently not. Their pacing and bouncing back and forth was pretty odd and their presenters were the worst of E3. But onto the games

Mass Effect Andromeda – yes please. love me some mass effect. one of my 3 favorite series, been waiting for more since the last game is over 3 years old now. we got a short CGI trailer that didn’t show much and not many details other then a late 2016 release date. I wanted more info


Need For Speed – this series is pretty much downhill. Rivals was a mess. Nothing here was worth my time. below average racing game

Star Wars ToR expandsion – an expansion to the PC MMO, Not sure how popular it is personally. not really interesting to me

Star Wars mobile card game – everyone is chasing magics success, first hearthstone, now elder scrolls and star wars. Not interested in this at all

Unravel – weird indie game meh

NBA live 16 – not interested, but hey you can scan your face from your phone so thats something

PVZ Garden Warfare 2 – already discussed above. fun crazy TPS game. cool demo and worth playing if you have time and nothing to play. it’s fun and addicting but nothing groundbreaking

Fifa 16 – Not interested, another yearly sports game

Mirrors Edge Catalyst – The 1st one was a unique and fun take on 1st person games. It was an underrated Gem. Faith returns in this prequel. Cool demo and looks great so far.

Star Wars Battlefront – Online only shooter taking place in the star wars universe on a large battle field. sounds cool right? well the game looks pretty but after what dice did to the battlefield series in the last 2 games I have 0 faith in them making a good shooter. and I’m not a star wars fan so this is an avoid for me.

Rating F

+ At least Mass effect was mentioned

_ Mirrors Edge

– Battlefront

– No big Mass effect info

– yearly sports games shown off again (aka 60 dollar roster update)

Anything Missing? Mass Effect, you had 1 job EA. It’s the game everyone wanted to see and all we got was a 1 minute CGI trailer? No new IPs or surprises either.



Had the last conference of the day. a few hours after EA who tanked, but still had to put on a good conference after ubi, MS, and bethesda did. how did they stack up?

The last guardian – finally after 8 years in development it was shown. and what did we see? a poor looking PS3 game with a boy speaking gibberish and a weird creature and some climbing in a 7 minute demo. But hey at least it has a release date i guess. early 2016

Horizon – a new IP for GG studio, this was the star of the show for sony IMO. A female hunter in the wild with a bunch of robot dinosaurs running around. using wepaons from a bow to explosives, this game looks great and looks fun. We don’t know much about the universe, but so far it looks awesome. Rumor is there will be online play which i want to know more about because online play has been missing from most sony 1st party titles. I’m looking forward to this as it looks like a must have for me. Can’t wait to see more

Hitman – new game in the hitman series, follows agent 47 again. I stopped caring about this series a long time ago. nothing in the trailer impressed me either

Street Fighter 5 – New entry in the street fighter series. Not interested in fighting games personally.

Dreams – a weird game? from MM with nothing really shown except random things like polar bears licking each other and an old man and zombies fighting teddy bears. I don’t know how anyone can be interested in buying this. looks like a weird acid trip

Destiny Expansion – another expansion for a game that is almost a year old and so far cost 100 dollars to date for all the content, which was barely enough content for 1 game.  every time i see this game, i just get sad and disappointed

Indies – No mans sky, firewatch,  – just meh. enough with indies

Ac syndicate – already discussed above. tired series.

World of final fantasy and FF 7 remake – the 1st one is a PS4/PS vita title with a cute art style and the 2nd is a remake of a 10+ year old game. I haven’t cared about FF in so long.

Shenmue 3 kickstarter – the game of QTEs, the whoel combat was nothing but QTEs and nobody wanted to fund it. Why they allowed the devs to come on stage and beg for money to make this game is beyond me, but they did. Felt like a waste of prime time at E3

Devolver – a studio that showed off 4 indie games. *facepalm

Batman Arkham Knight – Good looking trailer, not much gameplay shown but we all know the game already and it’s coming out very soon. I’m still on the fence though as so many good games coming out it’s going to be hard to decide which ones to get.

PS vue/Morpheus/rigs – Sony announced that you can purhcase individual channels through their Vue TV service and showed a little on VR but not much. I was expecting more but they did show rigs, a 3v3 VR competitive game. seems interesting but hard to demo VR. I would like to try it though.

CoD BO3 – the next entry in the yearly CoD is now marketed by sony and they get DLC 1st. CoD is edging more and more towards titanfall/halo in terms of gameplay. It looks pretty fun, but until they can match the balance of halo and titanfall and have the options those 2 had in diverse game modes, it still remains an average MP experience. It’s not bad, and looks to be improving, but there are much better options for my time/money.

Star Wars Battle front – already discussed above. it’s battlefield 4 star wars edition. no thanks

Disney infinty – exclusive star wars characters. a crash grab aimed at kids like skylanders and aimibos. I’ve spent way too much on skylanders lol. not interested in this.

Uncharted 4 – sony saving naughty dog for last. a 7 minute gameplay demo form uncharted looked good. I’m cautiously interested in this. I’m not a fan of UC or ND games in general. they all look good and demo nicely, but while playing them i find them to be too slow paced, too much downtime, and mechanically poor in exchange for realism. It looked really fun from the demo though and maybe they will focus more on making a crazy fun game. they have the talent to do so, it’s a matter of whether they will or not. It’s a huge showing for sony though as many of their fans love uncharted.

Rating C

+ horizons

+ Batman

+ UC4

– indies

– shenmue money begging

– FF7 remake

– lack of first party/exclusive AAA games

Anything missing? deep down,  killstrain, until dawn, drive club PS+ edition.




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