Our History
It has been said that we should never forget our past and where we came from.

The Reckoners clan was founded on December 29th, 2010 by founding members Chardude, obliviondoll, and JLBoyyy. Chardude “recruited” obliviondoll. obliviondoll originally turned down¬†Chardude¬†because he didn’t like the idea of being in a clan. To him clans are generally too serious. But when CharDude insisted that the clan wasn’t going to be competitive or about showing off and that it was going to be about fun and enjoying themselves first.

The clan was founded as a casual clan for the Assassn’s Creed Brotherhood lover. Originally there was a requirement of an average game score of 3000 points and a minimum level of 45. That requirement didn’t stay for very long for various reasons, but that particular requirement was chosen because you didn’t need to be great to achieve such stats. It was really meant to show that a person played the game for more than a day. From the beginning, the clan has cared more about having decent clan mates and having fun before scores. Applicants were judged on teamwork and personality, as well as skill. Obliviondoll was promoted to recruiter because CharDude was having trouble keeping up with new applicants. In the first two threads there were over 100 applications to the clan.

The Reckoners is the 2nd oldest surviving clan on the Ubisoft forums, and the oldest continuously-active clan. As of this writing there are currently 5 Ubisoft forum recruiting threads for the clan, the earliest is dated December 29th, 2010. Listed from newest to oldest:

The Reckoners (Clan)
IMPROVED Clan Thread
The Reckoners Reborn
The Reckoners Clan
PS3XB360 The Reckoners: Recruiting (most current)

At one point in our history the clan almost died out. JLBoyy took control over leading the clan temporarily, then handed the reins to obliviondoll. Soon other members like StabbethMcDeath, Antron77 and DemFrog were recruited. They stepped up and helped bring back the Reckoners to life. The clan started building strong bonds in game and in the Ubisoft forums. It was during this time that a lot of our current Reckoners posted their applications.

April 20th, 2011 was the day the great PSN blackout happened. PSN was taken down by a hacker group called Anonymous. They proceeded with a DDOS attack and took down the Playstation Network for an entire month. It was during this time that we grew closer. Members had nothing better to do so we, “shot the shit” in our Ubisoft thread.

Soon the subject was brought up to create our own forums. The forum was created on, June 22nd, 2011. Once the forum was created the clan exploded. No longer were we spamming the Ubisoft forums with 10 different conversations at one time in a single thread. Now we have a place to call our own. The clan has had other forums during it’s early history http://acbreckoners.webs.com/apps/members/ but they never took off. There is at least a couple clan forums and a webs page floating around on the internet from that time period.

It wasn’t long after the clan’s creation that JLBoyyy showed up and started up the XBox branch. It was sometime during this period that the clan’s leader, Chardude, disappeared. After JLBoyy became to busy to maintain leadership alone, obliviondoll was put into an “interim leader” position, and eventually made the official clan leader. On October 4th, 2012 became Co-Leader alongside obliviondoll.

At one point the Reckoners had 12 of the top 100 and almost 25 of the top 200 slots on PS3 for the Templar Grade pyramid in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Considering we had about 40 members on the PS3 branch at the time, that’s a huge achievement. This was due to the camradere members had and the enthusiasim to help each other become better players.

The Reckoners clan has always had a tradition with it’s signatures. The original signatures were sparkley and pretty, a design started by Chardude and reproduced by other sig designers early in the clan’s history. Later in the clan’s life, Kaiyoto created a signature of the bloody nature and it took off. We still more or less kept the same tradition of having matching signatures, though there are many more variations in recent sigs than there used to be. The most recent trend includes our logo somewhere in the signature, often times hidden.

The meaning of our logo goes back to our namesake. Red and black are our main colors, for death and destruction. The omega symbol reoccures throughout history. It is a symbol for the End. The 4 scythes represent the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse as well as balance. The scythe itself is a symbol of death.