What is/Why a clan?

What is a gaming clan and why on earth would you join one?

A clan is a group of like minded individuals who get together for a common purpose. In this case it’s gaming. Now, not all gaming clans are created equal. Many are competition based. We’re different in that our primary focus is to have fun.

What are the benefits of joining a clan?

Why join a clan at all? Not everyone has friends they know in their daily lives to join up with in game. Often times a person’s “real life” and “game life” are 2 separate worlds. A clan is a good place to find other gamers with similar mindsets and attitudes and mindsets to play with. If you are a person who is competitive then it’s probably best that you join a competitive clan focused on competition play. If you are a person seeking online friends who just want to have a good time then consider the Reckoners.

Why join the Reckoners? When members of the clan were asked this question this is what they said:

  • To find fun, like-minded people to play and talk with
  • Automatically have teammates to take into other games.
  • Better teammates, which translates to better scores.
  • Mature group of people.
  • Honor, dignity, respect, loyalty.
  • We strive to be better gamers in terms of skills and sportsmanship.
  • Laid-back, fun atmosphere and a place to contribute.
  • Sense of camradere and a feeling of belonging. Everyone fits in, whether a person is an old or new member. The Reckoners are a family.
  • Group of open minded people so you never feel alienated, never feel judged.
  • Here when you need someone. We watch out for each other. We watch each others’ backs.

The Reckoners are a tightly knit community. Yes, we’re slightly insane…… okay, a lot of insane. We do have a hierarchy but no one better than anybody else. One of basic premises is to always have fun. We aren’t exclusive. We don’t demand that only play with people within the clan. We love to invite people to events who are not a part of the clan. We believe in friendly competition. There are no forced “practices”. There are optional clan nights.

Real Life Reckoner Testimonials

“Ummmm, I’m I like being in the reckoners cause they drove up in a van and kidnapped me. Now I never want to leave. Mostly I love the people you are all my pals and nothing is greater than protecting your clan mate with a well timed naked stun.”


“Competition! Its absolutely awesome that we can have so much fun playing with each other, while still being really competitive. When I’m in a lobby with a bunch of reckoners, I always try my best to win, but when I don’t, I’m always happy for the person who did.”


“I love how we don’t have ranks or levels of highness, for that reason alone is the number one reason that net clans fall apart…(pissing competitions).”


“I have never felt alienated. I have never felt judged. I’ve always had a good time playing with the people here. And when you need someone, a shoulder or just someone to get you mind of things there are always people here. Always someone willing to listen. And that’s beautiful.”


“I don’t want anyone to miss out on being a reckoner because they think they need to be some sort of pro player. This is a great group.”


“But really, we are and always have been about having fun, being more of a family than an elite clan. Even though we typically can dominate the leader boards. It happens I guess.”