Our Hierarchy

Clan Roles/Titles

We’re here to enjoy ourselves but all communities need some structure. Without organization the clan wouldn’t last long. In the Reckoners there is no military structure. All members are equal. Some members contribute in extra ways to the clan.

An official member of the clan who has tried out and earned the right to be called a Reckoner. A Reckoner’s responsibility is to play and be involved in the clan. We expect you to participate to some degree and contribute to the clan. All clan members have a voice in the community and can vouch for applicants.

A person who has officially applied to the clan via posting an application within the forum. They are awaiting tryouts in order to get into the clan.

A Reckoner charged with the responsibility to make that extra effort to get tryout time in with Applicants and vouch for their character. Questions about recruiting can be directed to these members.

Forum Designer/Graphics Designer
A Reckoner who helps create and design the themes and/or graphics on the forum. Graphics include signatures and layouts. If you have ideas for a forum design contact one of these members. You can request a signature here once you are Reckoner.

Forum Greeter
Welcomes everyone to the forum.

YouTube Channel Manager
Reckoner in charge of updating the official Reckoners YouTube channel. Contact these members regarding any requests involving the YouTube channel.

Advisory Pigeon
Reckoner by the username obliviondoll. A speacial title. He is an advisor of the clan and clan founder. Why “Advisory Pigeon”? From the bird himself, “Cause fuck you, I’m a pigeon!” – obliviondoll (feel free to ask him about the story behind it)

Clan Leader
Self explanatory: Ward of the clan. This Reckoner oversees and maintains the clan as a whole. The clan leader strives to improve it. Does just about everything. This person is also responsible for going out and connecting other clans. Evaluates members, handles problems, arranges sponsorships. Welcomes applicants, maintains clan accounts, forums, the website. Any questions or problems can be directed towards this person. Not sure where to go? Email the clan or pm in the forum and this person will send you in the right direction. The current clan leader is Kaiyoto.

Other Titles
There are other titles listed on the forum such as “Free Agent.” A free agent is a person in the forum who is not affiliated with any clan. There are also various clan names. People in these groups affiliated with the named clan.

Several of these roles are groups you may join. Please contact Kaiyoto via whatever channel you feel to request to join these groups.